I recently took a a trip to Iceland, I stayed in reykjavik. Ive always wanted to visit Iceland to see the blue lagoon. I wasn't disappointed what an amazing place. The snow is just stunning, Its soft and fluffy unlike the wet sludgy snow we get here in the uk. 

My favourite part was visiting the Blue Lagoon. The geothermal pool is around 38 degrees which is a big contrast to the -2 temperature outside. As I entered the sun hadn't risen yet. It was all dark and misty, such a surreal experience. I watched the sunrise in the lovely warmth. You also get a free silica mud mask and we upgraded to get the age mask too. my skin felt amazing.

Outfit choice 

With all the snow and cold temperatures I knew I had to wrap up. I usually visit warmer places, so wasn't sure what to wear. I still wanted to be stylish but warm. I ended up going with layers. A thermal top is a must, Then I wore a fluffy Borg topman jacket. Black skinny jeans and a a lovely thick parka with a massive fur trim. Sunglasses are a great idea because the sun can be so bright. 


Swimwear Zara
Jeans Noak
Borg Jacket Topman 
Parka Maniere De Voir
Sunglasses Mcq
Boots Dr Martens 


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